Sabik Offshore specialises in providing marine aids to navigation, aviation obstruction lighting and ID marking solutions for offshore renewable structures. Our years of experience in developing NavAid solutions in the North and Baltic Seas has given rise to our high-quality systems and services that meet the increasing requirements for safety and efficiency. Our tailor-made product ranges offer unique and innovative marking solutions for all offshore renewable energy projects, protecting your investment from the very start.


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  • 1982 | <strong>Sabik Finland Founded</strong>
    1982 | Sabik Finland Founded
  • 2001 | <strong>Sabik Germany Founded</strong>
    2001 | Sabik Germany Founded
  • 2010 | <strong>ParkMaster System Launched</strong>
    2010 | ParkMaster System Launched
  • 2014 | <strong>Sabik UK founded and LightGuard Monitor</strong>
    2014 | Sabik UK founded and LightGuard Monitor
  • 2015 | <strong>Carmanah Acquisition and NAi Range Launched</strong>
    2015 | Carmanah Acquisition and NAi Range Launched
  • 2016 | <strong>Sabik Offshore Founded</strong>
    2016 | Sabik Offshore Founded
  • 2018 | <strong>SeaMark Range Launched</strong>
    2018 | SeaMark Range Launched
  • 2018 | <strong>Over 2000 Turbines Marked</strong>
    2018 | Over 2000 Turbines Marked

Carmanah designs, develops, and distributes a portfolio of products focused on energy-optimized LED solutions for infrastructure. Since 1996, we have earned a global reputation for delivering durable, dependable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for industrial applications that perform in some of the world’s harshest environments. We manage our business within two reportable segments: Signals and Illumination.

The Signals segment serves the Airfield Ground Lighting, Aviation Obstruction, Offshore Wind, Marine,Traffic and Telematics markets. The Illumination segment provides solar-powered LED outdoor lights for municipal and commercial customers.


Sabik Offshore is a member of the following organisations:


Safety at Sea

To further our commitment to safety at sea Sabik Offshore is a proud donator to the DGzRS:

The German Maritime Search and Rescue Association is one of the most modern sea rescue services in the world. As a SAR service they are on call around the clock in the North Sea and Baltic Sea in all kinds of weather to recover castaways, save people from danger and care for the sick and injured.