Workspace safety is a vitally important aspect of an offshore wind farm, a critical HSEQ component. Sabik Offshore lighting solutions provide optimal light in the right location to create safe working conditions. 

At Sabik Offshore, safety at sea is our highest priority.

Workspace safety is a vitally important aspect of an offshore wind farm, a critical HSEQ component. Sabik Offshore lighting solutions provide optimal light in the right location to create safe working conditions.  Our latest design, the LA40 series, with its long-life LEDs and low power consumption, is no exception. It is available in two versions, 230V AC or ultra-low-voltage 24V DC.

We define safety lighting as follows: 

“A safety light ensures proper illumination and clear visibility, drastically reducing the risk of an accident or dangerous situation.”

Sabik Offshore are experts in lighting offshore wind farms. We use our expertise to design lights suited to the harsh offshore environment and to optimize the safety conditions for those who work there. 

Controlled light makes a difference to workplace safety

There are many places on offshore wind platforms which need to be well lit when in use – from the platform itself to walkways, doorways, and inside the turbine tower.


The LA40 provides an alternative to standard industrial lighting which does not offer the same level of control. Those types of lights can potentially flood an area with too much light, or be so bright as to obscure Aids to Navigation (AtoNs), which could cause a major safety breach for vessels in the area. The LA40 combats all these issues.


The LA40 has been designed as a controlled and contained light. Ensuring that light is directed where it is supposed to be – and nowhere else – creates a safer working environment.


It is highly efficient, utilizing low power to provide excellent output in a small body. We gave it a light engine with four light profiles to choose from, suiting a number of different applications, depending on the areas to be lit, such as workspace alone, workspace and walkway, and an asymmetrical option for walkway and ID Sign lighting. The controlled light profiles ensure even light disbursement for optimal platform illumination. And as part of our NAi system, its use can be coordinated and controlled alongside all the AtoN lighting on the turbine.


The LA40 satisfies IALA recommendation G1162, that work lights “must not reduce the conspicuity of marking lights.” The controlled, precise optics mean that the light is directed to exactly where it is needed.


Rugged design to withstand the harsh offshore environment

Sabik Offshore have a long history of designing products fit for the conditions experienced offshore. We use our expertise to create lights that are long lasting and require little maintenance.


The LA40 is designed to withstand the harshest of offshore environments. The light has seawater-resistant aluminium housing, steel endcaps, UV resistant glass, and a Gore-Tex valve for improved moisture control. Its water resistance has been thoroughly tested and it has two IP ratings: IP66 and IP67.


Our LA40 Series have been through the APQP4Wind development process. APQP4Wind is a non-profit organization promoting continuous quality improvement in the wind industry and it provides a structured framework for product quality assurance and product release.


Satisfies the requirements of the growing US market

The US offshore wind industry brings with it its own ways of doing business and taking products to market, as well as its own standards, regulations and compliance requirements. UL is the general standard for products in the USA and the LA40-DC, being so low voltage, has a UL listing. This makes it an excellent choice to maintain workplace safety in wind farms in the US, as well as the rest of the world.


Looking to the future

Sabik Offshore has commissioned research from the School of Law at the University of Aberdeen and the Mount Sinai Light and Health Research Center in New York State to investigate current standards for offshore safety lighting. The findings from the UoA study (examining the legal framework) and the Mount Sinai report (looking at the practical applications) will be published later in 2022.


Historically there has been NO specific safety lighting available designed intelligently for the challenges faced offshore … until now. The LA40 series delivers. 

The LA40 is not just an industrial light. It is a smart light, optimized for an offshore environment and providing safety for service technicians.


Keeping people safe is our top priority.


Sabik Offshore. Mark it. Light it. Keep it safe.


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