It is important that the site of a wind farm is kept safe and visible from the start of its life, through all its years of operation, right to the end. Whilst a site is under construction, and potentially while it is being decommissioned, lanterns that mark the perimeter and maintain safety do not have access to mains power.

Our solution to this is to provide solar-powered, self-contained lanterns, designed to suit the needs of the site and the amount of daylight the area receives. Even in the darkest winter months the lanterns are able to maintain autonomous power.

Area Protection and Temporary Lighting

When you think of a construction site, what comes to mind?
There are often tell-tale signs of a construction site like cones, red striped tape, concrete barriers and temporary fencing.

In an offshore setting, such as the site of a wind farm, the location of a construction site also needs to be marked off. This is important as it stops mariners from getting too close to the area and creates a safe environment at sea.

The signs of an offshore construction site

Some obstructions, such as turbine foundations, are difficult or impossible for mariners to see. To highlight the area of a wind farm whilst it is under construction, cardinal buoys are positioned at key locations.

Intermediate warning buoys can also be placed along the perimeter – clearly defining the space to approaching vessels.


Keeping the area visible without power

How do we keep these obstructions visible and the area safe during construction? At this stage, there is no mains power to feed to the components. Therefore, they need to be what we call ‘self-contained’ lanterns. These lanterns have batteries that are charged by integrated solar panels.

The amount of light a lantern can receive for charging can vary enormously based on where in the world it is located. Therefore, it is important to calculate the amount of autonomy needed in the darkest possible months to determine the size of the battery required. There are special online tools to help calculate this.


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Visible from all angles

Each light needs to be visible 360 degrees around a structure so, in some circumstances, a second light may be needed.

Sabik Offshore provides temporary lights and buoy systems for marking offshore wind construction sites. Take a look at our product pages for more information.

Area protection and temporary lighting are important for keeping a project safe from start to finish.  For Sabik Offshore, maintaining a safe environment at sea is our top priority.

We are Sabik Offshore, your experts in marking and lighting offshore wind farms.

Get in touch, we’re here to help – our regional experts can give you more details for the development of your project.

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