Construction is underway on the OSS (Offshore Sub Station) for Iberdrola’s 476 MW Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm. Construction of the turbines themselves will begin in April 2023.

The wind farm will be located off the northern tip of Rügen, not far from our German headquarters in Schwerin. It will be made up of 50 turbines and – once completed in 2024 –it will be able to supply clean electricity for up to 475,000 households.

Preparing the site

Before construction can begin, the area must be marked. On any construction site, on land or at sea, the perimeter of the site needs to be marked to alert people approaching the area and to maintain safety. On land this tends to be done with cones and red tape; at sea, we use cardinal buoys and warning buoys.


Sabik Offshore has been part of this this project for some time, having already been involved in the planning and design stage. Now it was time to bring in our Seamarking services.


In September 2022, our SeaMarking team went out onto the Baltic Sea with the buoy-layer Krebs Helios. As the first official act for the future wind farm, their job was to mark the construction area for the OSS with four large cardinal buoys. These were installed at key points of the windfarm boundaries at a water depth of around 30 meters.


In addition to these cardinal buoys, a wave-measuring probe with an associated warning buoy was deployed. Its role is to report the wave heights in the construction area – in real time – to the companies involved in the project.


With a combination of perfect weather, good preparation and effective co-ordination, the team efficiently mobilized the buoys and secured the site within two days.

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More Information

Lighting and Marking Baltic Eagle Wind Farm

Looking ahead, Sabik Offshore is supplying the entire marking system for the planned 50 turbines: 5NM marine lanterns, ID marking and sonar, as well as aviation obstruction lighting. Our products will maintain safety at the site of Baltic Eagle throughout its lifetime.


Our expert SeaMarking team will soon return to the site , when the ten-meter-high cardinal buoys, each with 130-meter-long chains and 6.5-ton anchor weights, will be collected and repositioned as part of the marking for the full wind farm construction site.

We are thrilled to be part of this exciting new project in Germany and are proud to be contributing to the safety of the site from the beginning of its construction.


Sabik Offshore, your experts in marking and lighting offshore wind farms.

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