Making offshore wind farms visible on digital maps

Modern vessels use digital maps to help navigate the sea. In order for a vessel or an offshore structure, such as a wind farm, to show up on these maps, a signal needs to be transmitted by an AIS (Automatic Identification System). An AIS unit sends a message to digital maps, used by both commercial and private vessels.


The message from the AIS system provides important information – such as the name, type of obstruction, longitude and latitude of the structure – which appear on a mariner’s map, providing an incredibly useful source of information for maintaining safety at sea.


Our marine spaces are becoming more and more crowded and can experience a high volume of traffic, so there is a 24/7 need for clear communication. With wind farms, typically only the significant peripheral structures are communicated to avoid cluttering the map. The transmitter can send information about its physical location or additionally send virtual positions about other structures in the area, reducing the number of physical AIS transmitters required.


The AIS system is monitored and controlled through the SCADA system and has 96 hours of battery back-up should mains power be lost. Each product provides support for 10 virtual positions.

Seamless integration into the other systems


Marking components do not work on their own, instead, they need to come together into an integrated system to ensure that all the marking methods work together to communicate a single large obstruction in the water.


Sabik Offshore provides simple solutions to integrating marking systems. We consider this a vitally important aspect of maintaining safety at sea. The CAIS KIT NAi T3 brings the SRT AIS into our NAi system, which is monitored and controlled through the SCADA system. It features a simple electrical connection, easy mounting, and a stainless-steel junction box which allows for a robust performance against corrosion in harsh offshore environments.


Seamless integration into the Sabik Offshore NAi system allows for accurate monitoring, making the vicinity of an offshore windfarm easier and safer for mariners to navigate.


We are Sabik Offshore, your experts in lighting and marking offshore windfarms.



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